Sunday, November 11, 2012

Amy Tan

Amy Tan Vividly Depicts the Challenges Of Chinese Mother-Daughter Relationships

THE JOY LUCK CLUB, a novel by Amy Tan, tells of the relationships between two strong-willed generations, four tough, intelligent American-Chinese women and their equally tenacious Chinese daughters. The four families are connected through The Joy Luck Club, a mah jong group that meets each week. After its founding member passes away, her daughter is asked to take her place at the table and the stories begin. Each of the eight women narrates two stories from her own point of view except for the deceased whose daughter tells her stories for her. The mothers relate stories about their lives in China, and the daughters tell of the trials that they face growing up as first-generation Chinese-Americans.

Tan's novel is brilliantly written and a must read.

The 1993 movie, The Joy Luck Club, and the flowering of talent of the Chinese actresses involved is amazingly poignant with some of the most touching and moving  performances I have ever seen.

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