Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Inspiration Doesn't Last Forever

The inspiration to write a novel entered into my being in Aug. 2008 around the time I retired. I was thinking about what differentiated sense, from nonsense and senselessness which led me, naturally, to think about my life. The hope of writing a novel slowly progressed from a possibility to an actuality. I was going to write a trilogy to be complete by 2010. It took me until Feb. 2011 to finish the first novel Drunken Duck and get it published. The story has many touch-points of what happened in my life beginning when I was eight years old in 1953 through 1966, but much of it is pure fiction or added on fiction to what actually occurred. I still haven't been able to make any headway to my satisfaction in the writing of the other two novels of my hoped for trio. By May of this year, my 67th year on this Earth, the inspiration disappeared and left my spirit drained. Seeking new avenues of artistic inspiration seems futile.

I wish I could find the motivation to write another novel or perhaps better said the tenacity but I have lost the inspiration to do so and have finally realized this very day that it will never return. But, then think, "Dum spiro, spero."

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  1. Ronald. I was scrolling down the sidebar when I came across some interesting stuff about you. We are both 67 and retired. We both served aboard aircraft carriers during the Vietnam conflict (63,64 & 65 for me). I was aboard the Bon Homme Richard (The Bonny Dick CVA31). In fact, if you recall, we oftentimes operated together as part of the Pacific Fleet. My favorite port away from San Diego was Yokosuka. Small world indeed. You're not the Ronald that stole my favorite Japanese girlfriend from me are you? :)