Sunday, September 23, 2012

Apocalypse Now

For the most important news of the day . . . I woke up this morning and now weigh 185 lbs., a new low! That's a drop of twenty lbs. since July 2 (when I started exercising and quit drinking wine), and a loss of twenty-six lbs. since my birthday on May 9, 2012 (at perhaps my highest weight and lowest point of my life). I had actually gained somewhere between seven and eleven lbs. between May 1 and May 9 and realized at this rate I was committing suicide by Food and Wine (an excellent magazine, by the way); I was performing, on myself, my own personal Apocalypse Now

Speaking of a little Apocalypse here and there, or for other, less important news, not as important as my weight loss, or President Obama's need to hob-nob with the celebrity rich to show he's just one of us little people . . . Israel's Prime Minister, Netanyahu, will speak at the United Nations about Iran's nuclear threat. Of course, President Obama will be busy with Beyonce and Jay Z, David Letterman, and the women on the View including Whoopi and will not meet with Bibi. Just like other people who lead "busy" lives and cannot find the time for trivial things, Obama has little time for what's not important . . . why try to prevent a nuclear holocaust when you can charm a television audience instead? After all, we all have to set our priorities and he sees his priorities as money gathering and getting reelected.

Obama knows the American media's liberal bias saves him from a true analysis of his Presidency. He's assured that no matter what he does, how he acts, what he does or doesn't do, that the media will report it from his point of view and the "people" will still love him anyway. He's so charming; so likable; so lovable; I get a chill running up my leg just thinking about his charisma as American media types, the elite media, cover-up for Obama's incompetence, lies, and apologies. If he and his minions say a film that had little to do with what is happening in the Islamist world today is at fault, so be it. His failed domestic policies are leading to economic ruin and his failed self-aggrandizing foreign policy of appeasement may lead to war, the destruction of Israel, and even get the USA nuked, but who cares when you get to see our President and First Lady with celebs joking around and having a good time . . . we, in America, after-all, have our priorities.    

Western leaders and naive people around the world (including many of the 1.6 billion Muslims who want to live in peace and harmony) do not realize what the Apocalypse means to either Iran's or Radical Islamism's leadership. "Radical Islam" is actually a misnomer and closer to "True Islam" than those apologist for Islam that claim otherwise. Anyone who says that "there is no anti-Semitism in Islamic theology" as President Obama, among others assert, is frankly ignorant, on a par with someone who claims that "Islam is (solely) a religion of peace." It's just not so.

In general, people and governing bodies think logically or politically that Iran would never use a nuclear weapon just as in the Cold War, the USSR and the USA  mutual destruction policies prevented there use in the past. No one thinks that anyone would want world-wide destruction and death; the cleansing of the world by blood.

Think again. For Islam, the "right" world starts with the destruction of Israel and the Jews. Read the Qur'an and the Hadith's of the Mullahs, it is not just Ahmadinejad being crazy. Not only are the Jews vanquished in the eschatological war, but "they will serve as ransom for the Muslims in the fires of hell."And, "The sins of certain Muslims will weigh on them like mountains, but on the day of resurrection, these sins will be lifted and laid upon the Jews."

Certain Muslim clerics and their apologists like Obama are saying rhetorically, I suggest,  “the command to kill non-Muslims is not for today, it was only for a certain time in the past, similar to the Old Testament." Islamist and millions of Muslims don't agree with this view. Where in the Qur'an does it say this, they ask? It does not say or teach  the commands to kill the infidels, unbelievers, Jews and Christians was only for a previous time. Why should they accept this rhetoric? They point to "proof in the Qur'an that (sic) the Jihad  is actually to continue and increase."

Simply, the truth of the matter is . . . that the terrorist element in Islam may not be shared by most Muslims but it cannot be denied it is a part of Islam and prevalent in countries that have an Islamic government. The radical fundamentalists cannot be ignored or denied as part of this religion, which influence has now become ingrained in the social and political as its fundamental historical religious tenants take root and grow in today's Muslim societies wherever they exist.

Furthermore, there is an obsessive fixation on the Jews in both Shi'ite and Sunni eschatology, and the obvious connection to the ongoing jihad being waged to destroy Israel is easily seen. It is not because of Palestine and will not be solved by a Palestinian State but, will only be satisfied by the complete destruction of Israel (the little devil or demon) and the USA ( the big devil or demon). Iran's leaders are not crazy, nor illogical, and they are thinking in terms of using political and social strategies, to carry out Islam's original religious agenda. One of the least understood of the central tenants to Islam is simply that destroying the world (read: current world order) is the prerequisite for making the world  "right," just as the Nazis and Communists before them saw a fundamentally flawed world order before them.

A growing number of Muslims, and what I refer to as all Islamist, believe in Apocalypse Now. The "temporary restraining order" found in the Qur'an (pointing to Islam as a peaceful religion) was only temporary after-all and is now over. In other words, the world must be purified by human blood -- earthly paradise can only be built on the ashes of destruction and death starting with Israel and ending in a world-wide Caliphate and one-world religion. To President Obama, and others who believe in the political correctness of saying "Can't we all just get along," I would say, "Appeasement won't work."

So does Ahmadinejad believe that he can "speed things up" so to speak in terms of annihilating Israel or whatever other evil lunacy is in his brain? In other words, he and the Mullahs want the Hidden Imam to come back so bad that they think they can hasten his return by perpetrating some kind of mass genocide?

If I say the answer is "Yes," does that make me paranoid, a prophet, or simply an observer of what's happening today . . .what they themselves have told us what they intend to do?

The Iranian Mullahs either already have, or will very soon be in possession of, nuclear weapons. This reality is horrifying in the context of Iranian President Ahmadinejad's verbalized fantasy of annihilating Israel. Part of this fantasy, and also the inspiration for it, is the apocalyptic world vision of Ahmadinejad -- and of many of his co-rulers. This vision involves the Islamic Shiite belief in the return of the Hidden Imam, who, Ahmadinejad ominously referred to when speaking about Iran's nuclear ambitions. 

The Hidden Imam is the Shi`i Muslim version of the Awaited Mahdi, one of two positive eschatological figures in Islamic thought, the other being Jesus. Al-Mahdi means "the rightly-guided one" and is described in many Sunni and Shi`i hadiths (or sayings allegedly going back to Muhammad himself) as coming before the end of time to make the entire world Muslim and establish global justice.

Ahmadinejad has explicitly stated that he intends to jump-start this coming end of time. While President Obama and world leaders dither, the world comes closer to destruction. Islam will not stop until a one-world Caliphate is established and Islam is the only religion practiced.

Vote for Obama and support Democratic leadership and America will get what it deserves: policies that will eventually destroy our economy and ransom our children's future, a foreign policy that guarantees greater hazards from Islam and possibly the destruction of Israel, a weakened America subject to more attacks, possibly nuclear ones, taking place on American soil.  

Personally, I've lived my life and fear nothing whatsoever except for a cheeseburger and fries; or care for my own well being except for mosquito bites; or for what is left of my "future's future" . . . why try to influence what you have no influence over? However, for all the sons and daughters and loved ones of the world it is time people awaken before it's to late. Our weak leadership in the USA, especially Obama and his supporters their false-ideology being no excuse or his reliance on rhetorical nonsensical political propaganda, his "political correctness" hiding his lack of any real leadership, in my view, are willing participants in this rush toward an Apocalypse Now.

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