Friday, May 11, 2012

Vision of Eve (Revised)

A Vision of Eve is a very short story of human history told to R. E. Dawson by P.F. Harrington  when they were only eleven-years old (1956).
Adam and Eve, Danny C. Sillada

As remembered . . . envisioning . . . the golden Goddess Eve, naked, hidden in the dark foliage of the Garden of Eden, the ghost heard her heartbeat, three heartbeats as he searched for her in the shadowy darkness. Suddenly, a bright piecing light shown from the Heavens bathing her and the beginning of the birth of Adam’s sons in a halo of light, God’s gift to mankind, bringing woman out of the shadow of darkness into the light—God’s mistake.
The ghost saw the two boys, twins, within Eve start to emerge from her sacred space. Jealous, envious, enraged by what the light revealed, lusting after Eve, dreaming of her giving him the apple as he fondles her breast, needing her for himself, wanting his own offspring to rule the world, and worship him, foolishly the ghost flung a bolt of lightning from his hiding place, behind the Tree of Knowledge full of monkeys. Piercing her through the heart, killing Eve, the lightning bolt spread throughout her body, destroying her sacred place, burning her sons into cinders, ashes, into dust before they could fully emerge from her womb.

Humankind destroyed, Adam wept, the monkeys were overjoyed, the snake smiled if only for a moment, and the ghost came from behind the tree. Guiltily, not really, he put a fig leaf over Eve’s sacred space, stole the apple from Eve’s smoldering hand, took a bite from the forbidden fruit, chopping the snake in half, after-all only a mealy-worm, giggled, lied when he said, “yummy” because in discovering “the Truth” he could no longer taste, smell, see, hear, or feel. Bereft of his senses, devoid of feeling, he had the gift of knowing instead—nothingness.

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