Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fireworks (unedited)

Fireworks as a young woman looks skyward in amazement waves of rocking
bursts flowers blossoming revealing Singapore’s luminous lovely night.
Fireworks as a young soldier looks skyward  in astonishment waves of shocking
explosions lighten then shroud  Saigon's glowing deadly twilight.

The mimicry of a canon resounding she hears echoes the sound of life’s sharing
a flash of color a flower opens the vibration colliding with the night’s loving darkness.
The booming of a mortar  he hears echoes sound of death’s uncaring
a blast of heat a bright explosion colliding with the night’s hateful starkness.
Love fills the young woman’s palpitating heart each flower bursts into a lovely nesting
rumbling abounds she feels rolling sounds and sees skies heavenly light.
Fear fills the young soldier’s quick-racing heart each flash bursts into a lethal cresting
rumbling blasts he feels rolling sounds and sees skies hellish delight.

The beginning of desire wells-up as a bouquet of flowers reveal within her breast
surprise and wonder while she rejoices and in a beautiful display of fireworks, sees life.
The ending of all want fades away as shrapnel sinks deeply within-beneath his chest
disbelief and regret while he despairs and in a hostile display of fireworks, sees death.

by Ronald Dawson

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