Thursday, January 26, 2012

What is " The Secret?" A Fairytale

I was asked by a young lady once "What is the Secret to love, life, and happiness?" Without thinking I blurted out, "A window seat." She looked at me strangely and I regret that I did not explain to her what I was thinking at that very moment and why my answer made perfect sense. Let me explain. "The Secret" is a book about achieving happiness and success basically by using the power of positive thinking whatever phrases and techniques espoused by its author or interpreted by the reader. Please, you true believers, don't get angry because if you are reading my blog I'm already very attracted to you for your intellect and adherence to the principle of the "Law of Attraction" as espoused in "The Secret." If you follow this 'law' religiously you are a positive person which brings to my mind . . . being at least 50% pessimistic, my half-full glass of liquids often half-empty . . .  my studies in Psychology. One thing I studied was Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: 1. Physiological Needs, 2. Safety Needs, 3. Needs of Love, Affection, Belonging, 4. Needs for Esteem, and 5. a Need for Self-Actualization 
I knew then, as I know now, that a more accurate point of view, other than Maslow's Needs or The Law of Attraction would be the 'Law of the Window Seat.'
Let's put aside such foolish needs as water, food, energy, air, and suitable living conditions as being necessary for life, happiness and success. I must admit, however, it's hard to be happy, successful, or sexually aroused if you're dead. While avoiding thoughts about the after-life, I became enmeshed in an intellectually train of thought mixed with a wee-bit of biotic and abiotic factors or sex. Biotic Factors defined, meaning of or related to life, such as plants, animals, fungi, protists and bacteria which are all biotic or living factors and abiotic factors defined, meaning nonliving chemical reactions or sometimes the term is related to factors that affect living organisms such as habitat, weather, political economy, etc. Sex needs no definition unless you are President Clinton testifying before Congress.
It just so happened that the young lady that asked me about the secret I was picking up at a hotel for a business meeting and in her room was a two-foot wide window sill (more like a window seat) stretching the length of a huge picture-window overlooking a panoramic view of the city of Seattle. Another contributing factor is that the Space Needle in the near distance looked somewhat like a phallic symbol. At that moment I felt "the Secret"of my personal happiness and success would be making love to her on that window seat. Don't blame me for such a fairytale like thought  . . . she was an incredibly beautiful Chinese woman with a magnificent intellect after-all . . . as I think back about what life would have been like with her if I had written that best selling book about happiness called "The Secret," better titled "The Window Seat" and revealed my secret yearning for her.

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